Atanu Dey on the CWG

His is a blog worth reading (with a pinch of salt) and he has some very interesting points to make about the ongoing CWG debacle. Yours truly, as always, had some vishesh tippani to offer (useless but supposedly grand). Drop by there:

Personally, I think we should boycott the games and demand that the government repay all the money spent on this sham (in cash or kind).


4 thoughts on “Atanu Dey on the CWG

  1. Thanks for your recommendation (with some reservations) of my blog post. I am curious about your view that the “demand that the government repay all the money spent on this sham (in cash or kind)”.

    It makes it appear as if the government has its own collection of money with which to “repay” the citizens. Truth is that the government only has money that it has taken from the citizens through taxes. If the government were to repay the citizens, how will it work? Is it that the people who constitute the government will take money from their personal bank accounts and make reparations?

    The money that the people in the government have wasted is gone. It is a dead-weight loss and the loss it incurred by the people who entrusted the government to handle their money. The only thing one can do is to put the criminals behind bars. Talk of getting the government to repay the citizens has no content.

    Atanu Dey

  2. Dear AD,
    Been a long time since you came here. 🙂 Yeah, that suggestion of mine was stupid. More a knee-jerk reaction. I realise that the govt. has no money to offer. What I was suggesting was that the govt. (and any other govt. after that) works without payment and facilities till this amount is paid off. MLAs and MPs and the ilk get no monthly salary, no free this and that till all is paid. Never going to happen but what is the harm in demanding it!?

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