What is it to relate?

We are always in a relationship, aren’t we? But what does it mean to relate? This post discusses just that. For a change I decided not to type out the post but write and scan it. Been ages since I wrote with my pen (Sheaffer). My handwriting is abysmal. Please be kind and tolerate this idiosyncrasy of mine.

This is way past my bedtime and hence, I haven’t proof-read this piece. Without a spell-checker and proof-reading, there are bound to be errors which will embarrass me tomorrow, but I’d rather live with that than not write with my pen. Hopefully future posts will have less opportunities to complain.
I realise that this makes my post less searchable (hence, not available through Google), but it’s ok. I have only a handful of readers and myriad viewers who land on this blog by mistake! 🙂
You might have to click on each image to read them (another inconvenience). Some readers had asked to know the writing process. I really thought there was something like that. When I read the Original of Laura, I thought perhaps there was something similar that happened with me when I wrote. I thought it would be amusing at least to me when I later visited these posts to see how the writing emerged. I have even numbered the paragraphs so that I could re-order them in case I need to. As you see, there was nothing done to that effect. Perhaps my poetry posts would have something interesting.

What is a relationship?
What is a relationship?
What is a relationship?
What is a relationship?
What is a relationship?
What is a relationship?


3 thoughts on “What is it to relate?

  1. A thought provoking post…
    Para 5 and 8 are enlightening…
    But do we have enough time as well as energy to try be in such relationship with even a few more than the closest ones? Don't we prioritize and feel at peace if we succeed in doing justice to at least our nearest relationships?

    That said, would I sound narrow-minded if I wonder how do great political leaders often sacrifice their family (or nearest relationship) ties to bring “justice” to the masses?

    Lastly, don't you think you have any less readers. You have a hit within a few minutes of publishing the post!

  2. Dear P,
    It doesn't take enormous energy to relate as suggested. It isn't so difficult. I think you wonder “Where is the time?” but relating is not about giving everyone 24 hrs of time. It is like saying fairness is giving everyone the same thing in the same amounts. It isn't that. You will automatically sift into a state where you have few true relations and many acquaintances. That is reality. Not a FB count of 2456 friends or a social life of partying every night. Even within a close family circle, one doesn't relate to every single blood relative. Tomorrow if my cousin comes and tells me that I have not related to him in the way I suggest here, I would say, “True. I couldn't.”
    Politicians, even the honest ones, don't have to sacrifice their families to do anything. Not sure what you wanted to say in there.
    I don't think I have more than half a dozen readers (at most a dozen). 🙂 Glad you welcome the change. I would write on and off on paper and scan it for a post.

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